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Be Legally Organized

This is a membership site.  We help you get ready for the stress of Court. We school you to give you an edge in the courtroom.  Your lawyer can be the best in the country, but will you be the best client? Join our site and learn how to be the best witness you can be in the courtroom.

We focus on helping you, the client, prepare your case for trial.  This is not just another “lawyer site”  Think of this site as your first stop before you go to see your attorney.  This will help you be better prepared and result in saving you real money.

You would expect your lawyer to prepare you for trial, – and they can at great expense. But what if you could save money and be a more complete client?   Our purpose is to guide you through the legal process in a way that makes you confident and prepared to tell “YOUR STORY” in a way that is persuasive.  At its core, it is a manner of organization, but it is more than that. It is more than a place to store your information where you and your attorney can share it online. It is a training ground for you to know what to expect and to help you and your attorney expect the unexpected.

Let’s face it.  A good team knows the rules, what the strategy will be, and how to score.  Your case is too important for a fumble to take place whether the ball is in your lawyer’s hands or yours. We trust your lawyer knows these things but do you? Will your attorney know everything you know? Will you tell him everything?

Gathering all the information you need to prevail can be a daunting and frightening experience. Will you leave out an important piece of information?  Preparation on your part can help you and your lawyer be more effective.  After all who knows your life, your problem,  better than you.  The problem is getting your life assembled along with all the documents and witnesses you need can be overwhelming- even with your attorney helping you.   Our method of preparation can save you money at your lawyer’s office, communicate it to him more completely and allow you to witness with honesty, clarity, and purpose.

Having a winning case is not just about having the better lawyer it is also about being a better witness. Preparation is the key.

We show you the know!